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4 min readAug 4, 2021

A cryptocurrency wallet is essentially a piece of software that allows you to monitor, transfer, and receive cryptocurrencies through the blockchain in the same way that a bank account does.

When you purchase digital currency on a trading platform or exchange, you may save the “keys” to your coins inside the account. But you may also transfer them to a personal crypto wallet, which can be software (hot wallet) or hardware (cold wallet).

What is a Crypto Wallet?

A cryptocurrency wallet is a place to keep your digital currency when you’re not using it as a regular wallet.

To transact in crypto, you only need two things: your wallet address, also known as your public key, and your private key.

A public key is comparable to a bank account number. You can give it to other people or institutions so that they can send you money or take money from your account when you authorize it. These individuals typically regard your public keys as a wallet address — a hashed, or more compressed, version of that public key.

However, a private key is similar to your bank account password or the PIN to your debit card, which you would not want to give to others because it would give them access to your account.

Aero Token and other cryptocurrencies are digitally recorded on the blockchain. The blockchain functions similarly to a massive accounting ledger, storing every transaction that has ever happened in the system and the total account balances of each public address.

The crypto wallet’s software is directly linked to the blockchain, allowing you to submit transactions to the ledger. On the other hand, the crypto wallet is the mechanism that creates your public and private keys. You wouldn’t be able to access your money in the real world if you didn’t have it.

Consider going into a shop and paying for items using a debit or credit card to get a better grasp of this connection. There is no actual money transaction between you and the business. However, by providing your secret pin number, you confirm that you control the money and authorize them to transfer cash from your account to the store’s account.

This is equivalent to a cryptocurrency wallet. By inputting your private key, you confirm that you possess the coins and may then transfer them to another person. The coins can only go from person A to person B in this manner.

So, now that you understand how a cryptocurrency wallet works, let’s look at the various kinds available!

Types of Crypto Wallet

To interact with a blockchain network, a crypto wallet is needed. Hardware, software, and paper wallets are the three primary kinds of crypto wallets. They may be categorized further according to their function as cold or hot wallets. While software wallets are more accessible and handy, hardware wallets are the most secure. Paper wallets are those that are printed on paper and are now considered unreliable and outdated. Crypto wallets do not hold cash; rather, they serve as a means of interacting with the blockchain, producing the required data for receiving and sending money through blockchain transactions.

Why Crypto In Aviation Is A Good Idea?

Serious cryptocurrency supporters can usually be found in any industry. However, there are basic reasons why crypto makes sense in aviation.

For starters, virtually all payments are now digital in this industry. Aircraft flights are seldom purchased in person, therefore most are booked and paid for online, where crypto payments are easier to process. Also, crypto payments may be used to arrange foreign trips and other aviation services.

Aerovek, a social marketplace for the aviation industry, allows aviation professionals to buy and sell aircraft as well as provide services such as:

  • searching for a pilot for hire,
  • flying training,
  • chartering flights, and
  • hiring an aircraft mechanic

An interactive map on the Aerovek platform allows users to locate services provided by other Aerovek users in their local area. Aerovek’s AERO token, which is built on the Elrond Network, enables companies to quickly generate and send invoices to customers, and to request fast payment.

The Aero Token will be used to pay for flights, flight training, mechanic services, and other Aerovek platform services. The Elrond Blockchain’s speed, low costs, and high security make it possible to trade with consumers very quickly and for little or no cost. It was for this reason that Aerovek chose it over PayPal

Aero token and Aviation

The aviation industry links individuals all over the world. Today, it is an essential aspect of our lives, our companies, and most importantly it enables us to stay physically linked to our families.

Given that the aim of the aviation business is to benefit many people, why should the aviation industry use cryptocurrency?

Its growing popularity contributes much to its allure. Like any other business, the aviation industry seeks to accept as many payment options as feasible.

Allowing cryptocurrency payments, such as the Aero token, will result in a near-instant and cost-free way of transacting with customers since it is completely digital and is kept in a cryptocurrency wallet

By providing a payment mechanism for Aerovek’s services in the form of Aero token, aviation professionals will be able to buy and sell aviation products and services through the Aerovek platform.

Aero token’s value is growing, which encourages aviation professionals like you to think optimistically about the future of value-added aviation. Keep in mind that refunding cryptocurrency is simpler than refunding actual cash in the aviation industry.



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