Aerovek Week End Update #3

Another week in the books and a couple cool new features added!

This past week we focused on 2 key features, one being Smart Accounts for Certification Verification and the second being classified listings and FAA decoding.

A smart account allows for users to have their certifications stored directly on the blockchain. When a user gets “Verified” we can now store that certification on the Elrond Blockchain which is attached to their hero tag. A first in the aviation industry!

Next we started development on the classified marketplace, giving users the ability to post aircraft and aircraft parts for sale. We successfully integrated the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) database to allow users the ability to “Decode” their tail number which allows a quick posting of aircraft. With the FAA decoding function a user can enter a tail number and get all the aircraft information registered within the FAA database, speeding up posting time and making for a seamless experience.

It’s all coming together, next we aim to complete the marketplace and get back to work on the AERO wallet, which will be a key integration for the E-commerce portion of the platform.

As always, thank you for all the support and happy flying!



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Aerovek Aviation

Aerovek Aviation is a web portal for Aviation Pilots, Mechanics and Enthusiast to charter flights, market their services and socialize all in one place.